‘New Super Natural Thriller Sends a Shiver Through The City’

Touch Not the Horse by Anthony Gavali.

Anthony Gavali’s new novel ‘Touch Not The Horse’ is opening the doors to the city, and inviting us into the world that hides behind glass doors and Versace suits. Charlene an Australian born highly ambitious city creature, wants to rise up the ladder, though she hasn’t got time for promotion, she’s got other ideas on getting to the top.  Her options aren’t wide open, until she stumbles on an old manuscript of satanic prayers and curses which hold the key to her getting exactly what she wants in return for her soul. She’s willing to trade with the dark-side, unaware of what will happen, if she fails to deliver what is asked of her.

Anthony Gavali, cleverly weaves a tale of ancient bloodlines striving for supreme control over all our global resources, while using modern day characters to carrying out the task.  Charlene’s nemesis comes in the form of Dean who is one of the last honest guys in the city, and becomes her number one enemy. They are both unaware that they are fighting a last ditch battle of light over dark, in which she pulls out the stops to push him to the point of complete meltdown. The only thing Charlene has to do is a kill a sacred horse. The horse, alongside a Warrior spirit, has been protecting the human story since these bloodlines started warring before the Roman Empire.

Dean is guided towards rescuing the horse, but in that act of kindness leads Charlene to its whereabouts, ushering a scene for a supernatural showdown. With a plot that keeps twisting and turning with MI5 and various historians getting involved to work out when this last battle will occur your eager to get from one chapter to the next. Anthony Gavali’s ending will have your imagination in overdrive. Be prepared for epic battles, underhand dealings and a super natural twist to make this the

ultimate good over evil tale.

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Touch Not The Horse

Anthony Gavali

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