Anthony Gavali, was born in Carshalton Surrey in the south east of England. His career in banking and finance began at the London Stock Exchange and succeeded by moving to a few top banks. This background in London’s financial heart gave him a first- hand view of how things work, how deals are struck and who wins and who loses in the financial world.  Just before the turbulence of the financial crisis, Anthony found himself trying to hold on to a tide that was fast moving and making people redundant. It was during this time, quite by chance that he came across an abandoned horse called Girlie, who he decided to rescue.

Finding her a permanent home at the Sussex Horse Rescue Trust gave him the inspiration to  write his first book ‘Touch Not The Horse.’ The novel is based on his experiences in finance and the savior of a supernatural horse.  Anthony is a now also a volunteer at the Trust where he helps out where ever he is needed, and is now writing the follow up to ‘Touch Not The Horse.’

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Touch Not The Horse

Anthony Gavali

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